We Tour House Breeze Blocks by Kovac Design Studio

Breeze Blocks is a Beverly Hills home made for entertaining

Kovac Design Studio creates Breeze Blocks, a California home that brings the outdoors in

Created for an East Coast-based client who enjoys city entertainment, Breeze Blocks is a Beverly Hills home designed to show off its contemporary architecture, variety of living spaces, and sweeping long views of Los Angeles. Its architects, locally based Kovac Design Studio, founded by Michael Kovac, have made the most of the brief, creating a home that effortlessly unites inside and out, opening up to views through large windows, glass walls and a strategic orientation that allows life to spill over the well-kept garden of the residence.

‘[The clients] were looking to make the most of the views from the airliner and the welcoming Mediterranean climate. The neighborhood’s modern, low-rise homes with their cool, evocative details reminiscent of the era Mad Men-era was to be the aesthetic touchstone of the project”, explain the architects.

A Beverly Hills home that brings the inside and the outside together

The project’s eponymous cinder blocks – in white concrete tinted gold on the inside – define its identity, appearing from the approach to the house, flanking the approach to the main door. Their permeable nature means that glimpses of what lies beyond are visible, but little is revealed about what goes on inside, thus preserving owners’ privacy. The openings also allow air to circulate, thereby cooling the site.

Inside, natural materials including terrazzo floors, bleached oak wood paneling and textured limestone walls compose a palette of subtle luxury and serenity. Soft color tones ensure nothing distracts from the striking views, while carefully selected artwork and centerpieces enliven the interior. Bespoke features abound in this Beverly Hills home, including custom cinder block screens; a terrazzo bathtub; and a custom Burle-Marx inspired mosaic glass panel in the entry area.

“The sun sinks into the blue Pacific and the endless shimmering carpet of city lights unfurls,” the architects state. “There’s no better place to enjoy it all – an oasis in the sky.” §

Joseph E. Golightly