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When I entered the marketing industry, I had my understanding. However, a friend of mine who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing said my understanding was wrong. After about two years of working in the digital marketing and ecommerce industry, I discovered that marketing is more complex than digital marketing. Also, my understanding was more about content creation, and I guess that’s why my friend said those words.

Most people can think of Marketing = Communication/Advertising. There was a big difference between them. I will talk about my understanding of MKT now.

“What is marketing?”

Marketing is a combination of art and science. Its essence is to create commercial value for companies through the process of creating use value for consumers. The process of creating “value” consists of three layers:

1️. First define the “value”:

Based on data analysis and market research, positioning and analysis of information on target market, target consumers and target scenarios, and this is a dynamic development process, must be in real time. It is the cornerstone of MKT.

2️. Reproduce the “value”:

After finding the demand points that meet the needs of customers, market and company / brand, we need to base ourselves on that demand point to do product development, brand development or content creation, including positioning (including concept, BCI, etc.), product (including product’s selling point, RTB, packaging, Portfolio Management, etc.), prices, etc.

3️. Final transfer of “value”:

On the one hand, through advertising communication, press releases, marketing campaigns, etc., making consumers known / loved, building mental availability;

On the other hand, physical availability can be built through the width of the canal laying and the operating depth (stores / traffic, etc.) to allow consumers to view and buy it.

The above three will be connected in a locking closed loop.

Every MKT activity for a company, from posting a branded social media post under 40 words to launching a new segment line, will go through the process of ‘value definition’> ‘value of production ”>“ deliver value ”. The feedback mechanism after “delivering value” is better for the next “defining value” cycle. So really complete “through the process of creating value for consumers, to create value for businesses” the essential objective 💯

Final thoughts

Thus, the communication / advertisement advertised by many people only belongs to the part of the “delivery value” – the construction of mental readiness. Being a marketer, knowing what marketing is is the first step

Reference : Red @ Daleixiansheng

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