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On Friday, November 20, the University of Georgia Fashion Design Students Association will present its fall runway show, featuring looks designed by its own members and management team.

The show will be filmed on Saturday November 14 in the parking lot of the UGA’s intramural grounds and will be edited by a team of videographers. The final product will debut on the UGA Fashion Design Student Association’s YouTube channel on November 20 at 7 p.m. ET.

This year’s fall show will feature the theme “The Unconventional Met Gala,” which will feature designs constructed from unconventional and recycled materials. In addition, each model will also sport a face mask to match their look.

FDSA Director and President Parker Sylvester said the inspiration for the theme came from the organization’s collective love for the Project Runway show. Each season, Project Runway often features an episode in which contestants are tasked with creating a look entirely from unconventional materials, Sylvester said.

“[This year’s show] is a fun way for designers to get really creative, and we’ve never done anything like this before, ”said Sylvester, a double major in fashion marketing and merchandising.

Sylvester said the show’s theme idea was originally going to be used at the club’s spring 2020 fashion show. However, this event was canceled in the middle of the semester due to COVID-19. Since many of their members had already started designing looks, the FDSA decided to keep the fall show theme.

Over the summer, Sylvester said she hopes she and her team can host a live show in the fall. However, when it was determined that it would always be unsafe to host an event in person, Sylvester said the FSDA went straight into Plan B.

“A lot of high-end fashion brands have been doing virtual catwalks for fashion shows this year,” Sylvester said. “So we thought it would be a good idea for us to try and do that, and that’s where we came up with the idea for the video. “

Although the planning process for this show differs from previous years, Sylvester said the preparation for the virtual event went more smoothly than expected. At first, Sylvester feared that there would be a shortage of designers due to declining attendance at club meetings. But to his surprise, the FSDA received 26 designs – a perfect amount for a full show, Sylvester said.

Another bright spot with the show’s virtual format was a huge turnout for the models, Sylvester said. She explains this increase to the lack of pressure associated with keeping a straight face on the runway, as each model will be wearing a face covering and the presence of a live audience.

FSDA senior and vice president Morgan Young has been the show’s model coordinator for the past two years. She said that one aspect of the virtual show that excites her is that viewers will be able to see the catwalks and the models’ outfits from different angles.

In addition to video editing, Young said she hopes the show will show viewers how hard FSDA has worked to find a creative outlet given the circumstances. Although she sees fashion merchandising as a relatively small business, Young hopes FSDA can showcase the impactful and creative capabilities of the department through this show.

“We’ve really tried to be creative and get around the current situation so that we can always present shows in the safest way possible,” said Young, a fashion merchandising specialist. “Fashion merchandising is a small business, so we want to let everyone know that we are here and that we are doing big things. “

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