Tim Clarke Design Studio offers endless sea views

“We start each project as if it were the first”. Design by Tim Clarke was born in 1996 in Santa Monica, California, and is the brainchild of the talented Tim Clarke. A decorated and comprehensive design and architecture firm, the company has been providing services of the highest standards to its diverse list of clients for 26 years. The company deservedly won a Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2022 for Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for California Lighthouse in Santa Monica, California, USA.

Clarke grew up in Kansas, dreaming of the endless California summer, and was drawn west to pursue his vision. He worked alongside interior designers Waldo Fernandez and then Michael Smith and developed his art to reflect his inner sense of balance and calm. He now lives between Santa Monica and Malibu, and often travels to Hawaii and Europe, where he experiences different manifestations of coastal living.

Family Room Design by Tim Clarke

Clark opened Design by Tim Clarke in 1996 to give customers homes that embody their own personality, while offering happiness and functionality. “I delve into what design really is, beyond how it looks,” says Clarke. The hallmark of the studio is to create and implement timeless, livable and casually elegant design ideas. It was Clarke’s passion behind the creation of the studio. Design by Tim Clarke created comfortable, informal interiors for traditional homes, executive offices, family estates and beach houses and designed commercial spaces and restaurants such as Blue Plate Oysterette, Blue Plate Taco and Nerano in Los Angeles.

Tim Clarke kitchen design

When working on new projects, the team always considers clients, location and architectural style in order to generate a moodboard of images. They then invite the client into their studio to view the mood board as a way to start a conversation and understand the client’s deepest needs. This mood board is usually not a singular vision but shows two extremes of a potential design direction.

Master bedroom design by Tim Clarke

Tim Clarke’s comprehensive list of services includes interior design and architecture; Residential, hotel, commercial and retail; Durable design; Furniture design; Landscaping; Design/Build, Renovation; Ground construction; Kitchen and bathroom design; Custom design of cupboards and dressing rooms; and “The Shala”: a space of interactive experiences.

Known for his informal coastal aesthetic, Tim Clarke often brings the elements of his beloved California to a project, from abundant light to a harmonious relationship with nature to an embrace of color, while celebrating a sense of well-being, creativity and health.

Interior of bedroom 2 by Tim Clarke

The neutral color palette of this Central Coast beach house serves as a backdrop for finding joy with family and friends. Every shimmering surface, retractable pocket door, and oversized window allows light to physically and metaphysically enter the oceanfront home. The same goes for white glazed ceramic tiles, skylights throughout, and a view endless over sky and sea. Generous use of painted horizontal tongue and groove, a splash of nautical color and an oyster chandelier pay homage to the ocean. With minimal furniture, color and clutter, customers can relax, read, hang out, cook, eat, dance – or just do nothing at all.

Each space created by Design by Tim Clarke is unique in its setting, purpose and people, and ideally uses reclaimed materials. But what they all share is the calm feeling of being at home. They focus on design beyond furniture and fixtures, making each client’s space their own. Understanding how people live in a very practical sense and translating that into a fully functional home is what they do naturally.

Bedroom interior design by Tim Clarke

Whether working on a private residence in Hawaii, a family compound in East Hampton or a quiet retreat in Big Sur, the company’s process involves original research into the materials best suited to a particular environment and productive teamwork with architects, contractors and fabricators. All Design by Tim Clarke project is a collaboration between art, architecture, nature, their clients and the love of design.

Learn more about Design by Tim Clarke at https://timclarkedesign.com/interiors/

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