The QSTP & M7 partnership targets the fashion and design sectors

Doha: A new partnership between Qatar Museums and the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), part of the Qatar Foundation for Research, Development and Innovation (QF RDI), will see the creative start-up hub M7 Qatar Museums partner with QSTP to strengthen the development of the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in Qatar, primarily in the highly competitive world of fashion and design.

Over the next two years, QSTP and M7 will identify the needs of ambitious start-ups in the fashion and design industries and create a unique environment in which they can grow and thrive. To respond to the increased interest in using innovation in fashion design and business in Qatar, QSTP will offer comprehensive support “from idea to business”. These start-ups should aim to attract investment from local and international investors and ultimately serve customers in Qatar and beyond.

The partnership will see QSTP and M7 collaborate on a series of incubator events, specialist workshops and bootcamps, as well as pitching events. Start-ups in this sector will be introduced to the various programs, funding and investment opportunities offered by both parties. Applicants will also have access to workspace, machinery, infrastructure, and industry-leading mentorship and professional support.

Commenting on the partnership, QSTP Executive Director Yosouf Al-Salehi said, “We see our partnership with M7 as a seamless alignment between two organizations that are fully committed to supporting innovation and entrepreneurial activity in Qatar.

“Entering the world of creative arts is an exciting, but not unusual, new chapter for QSTP. Globally, the fashion and design sectors are at the forefront of technological development and contribute significantly to it. Prime examples are wearable technology, smart materials and sustainable design, all of which contribute strongly to the tech economy around the world. As Qatar’s premier hub for technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship, this collaboration is not only a perfect fit, but will also prove to be a platform for real value creation in the country. We see this partnership opening up new frontiers for Qatar’s highly skilled and innovative tech entrepreneurs, while benefiting our economy and society at large.

Ahmad Musa Al-Namla, CEO of Qatar Museums, said, “M7 partnering with an established incubator such as QSTP means we are able to advance our shared vision to further nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in Qatar. As a creative hub, M7 is dedicated to supporting the country’s burgeoning fashion and design industries, and we believe this partnership will go a long way in mentoring budding and established creatives to achieve their business ambitions.

Joseph E. Golightly