Take a look inside the AvtoVAZ design studio where the new Lada Niva is being developed

Automakers generally keep the doors of their design studios closed in order to preserve well-kept secrets about future models. Sometimes, however, we get to see the car designers at work, and that’s exactly the case with a few videos – unfortunately with Russian dubbing – giving us a good look at Lada’s premises.

The design studio is located in the center of Moscow and employs 14 people – seven designers and seven model makers. Its location is ideal for looking for local talent at design schools like Moscow Polytechnic University, whose design students can land internships and employment opportunities with Lada.

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In the video uploaded to YouTube by the ЗАВОДЕ channel, we can see the relatively young design team sketching and showing us some interesting projects. These include a cool-looking off-roader with sculpted bodywork and a sleek coupe designed for 2030. Of course, none of the sketches appearing on the camera are intended for production as they were created as studies. of design, with the real work for future models remaining out of sight.

Towards the end of the video, the presenter claims that he cannot visit the third floor due to a “secret” model, probably alluding to the new generation of Lada Niva currently in development. However, there is another video that shows the actual prototype of the SUV hidden under a white sheet.

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The man featured in this video is Jean-Philippe Salar, design director of Lada, who joined the company in January 2021 after having been responsible for the design of the Renault Arkana and almost all Dacia models currently on sale. As you might expect, he talks about the new Lada Niva which is a very important project for the brand. The all-new model was confirmed earlier this year with a preliminary preview. It is expected to debut in 2024 and be based on the Renault Group’s CMF-B platform.

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Remember, the original Niva has been around since 1977 and remains instantly recognizable despite minor updates from the 2020 facelift. Over the years, it has built a reputation for itself as a highly competent off-roader with a Spartan character. and iconic style. AvtoVAZ is also doing the Niva Travel, which is a completely different model based on the SUV that was sold as the Chevrolet Niva until Lada acquired its 50-50 joint venture with GM. However, despite a full update in 2021, it is still based on chassis technology from the 90s.

Along with the Legend, Bronto and Travel variants of the Niva, Lada offers a range of regular cars, including the Granta, Vesta, Xray and Largus. The Russian company is part of the Renault group, which gives it access to its parts bin also used by Dacia, another budget-oriented automaker.

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