Surreal Design Studio organizes the “Infinite Mumbai” project with BMC-G South Ward and Acko General Insurance

Launch of Surreal Design Studio’s “Infinite Mumbai” project

Surreal Design Studio’s “Infinite Mumbai” project is a tribute to the spirit of Mumbai

MUMBAI, AUGUST 09, 2022 (GPN): Surreal Design Studio, South Asia’s leading exterior design studio, reflects the rugged spirit of Mumbai through a remarkable installation that invites awe. The design module has been carefully blended with the concept of endless possibilities that Mumbai offers, to represent the new level of urbanization the city is heading towards. Surreal Design Studio organizes the installation “Infinite Mumbai” with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (G-South Ward) and Acko General Insurance in Worli inaugurated by Shri Aditya Thackeray with Shri. Sharad Ughade, deputy. Curator G-South Ward, BMC, Rahul Soni, Founder & Ameya Kankonkar, Co-Founder, Surreal Design Studio

The project was organized by bringing together the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation G South Ward and the insurance industry leader – Acko General Insurance. G South Ward is one of the most progressive wards in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation G South Ward with booming development. This installation bears witness to emblematic projects taking place in this area such as the coastal road, the metro and the maritime link.

The installation portrays the essence of Mumbai – a city that believes in connectivity – connecting people and places. The theme of this stunning installation illustrates the push of development in Mumbai and the meticulous preparation for the next 30+ years. Simultaneously, it also captures the fact that the city maintains a delicate balance between urbanization and sustainability by using the right tools to ensure ecological positivity and good stride.

Talk about this project Rahul Soni, Founder, Surreal Design Studio said, “The Infinite Mumbai project is exciting because it has given us the opportunity to envision the Mumbai of tomorrow, one that aims to achieve a prominent place on the world map. We hope that the idea of ​​sustainable growth, endless possibilities and connectivity will resonate with Mumbaikars. »

Ameya Kankonkar, Co-Founder, Surrealist Design Studio, said: “Mumbai has always been the city of dreams, with a massive population and an ambitious vibe. The installation symbolizes the rapid growth that is propelling this city towards increased connectivity through urbanization plans, while maintaining the sustainable quotient. All the elements have been carefully integrated and represent the future vision of Mumbai”

The facility has been installed at the junction of RG Thadani Road and Pochkhanwala Road in G South Ward and will be sponsored and maintained by Acko General Insurance over the next few years.

Joseph E. Golightly