Style influencer Mousumi Bordoloi is the Assam model

Mousumi is the name of the design model led by maturing and rapidly coming style powers that were brought up in Dubai. Being one of the younger, generally innovative and pursued powers of Assam, this young lady makes sure to elevate mindfulness in reasonable and tasteful style beyond her own town, extremely evident with the offers she received from container India and surprisingly overseas! What makes Aisha unique about the sheer number of forces to be reckoned with? Indeed, this is because it gives more design inclination than “brands”, and needs people to get rid of the generalization “bigger brand wins”.

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Growing up, she always cherished the design industry and has long looked forward to becoming showbiz royalty here with her thoughts. Despite being completely lost and stunned, that was when she gathered all the daring and data and published her first blog in 2017, which was perceived and loved by many people. There was no stopping from that point on.

To this day, its philosophy has been to make mold more prone than brands and needs people to get rid of the generalization “bigger brand wins”. Being a big road shopping enthusiast herself, she has always been advancing moderate design and needs her audience to create their own style articulation using the content she offers.

Joseph E. Golightly