One of the most prestigious and important fashion design awards went to designer “Leila Doroodchi” for “Lili Dchi Fashion House”

This Iranian lady creates “winter” and then warms it up. It’s still winter when you enter the magical land of Leila Doroodchi’s colorful handicrafts. The warming winter with the deep feelings and artistic talent of this young Iranian girl.

Familiarity with Leila’s art and her design is an incredible and distinctive insight that any influential art journalist would love to experience. The world of color and aesthetic impression reflected in her hand-woven garments is extremely remarkable.

His unique creations immerse you in glory and pleasure. Winter is the dominant element in these various handicrafts and all the beautiful patterns and designs are the indication of the result of her precise and painstaking projects accomplished by taking long hours. Its brand name is LILI DCHI and she has won several prestigious international awards in recent years. When I look at Leila’s collections, I think of a poem by Bob Dylan, which begins with:

“If you travel to the fair in the north of the country”

He says in particular:

If you go when the snowflakes are falling

When the rivers freeze and summer ends

Please see for me if she wears such a warm coat

To protect her from the howling winds

Leila warms the northern lands for you with warm and cheerful clothes. Thanks to the aesthetic proposals of LILI DCHI, she was nominated and had the right to win the prestigious A design award. Leila won this award for the “Oak” project in Milan, which is actually a targeted awareness campaign in the field of the environment and sustainable fashion. This project started and conducted in April 2020 in Tehran and finally successfully completed in September 2021 and it was unveiled and exhibited in November 2021. His other collection of knitwear has already won the prestigious IDA Design Award. According to Leila’s studies and research, the free imaginations and fictional visions of Qashqai women, especially their “rainbow crafts”, inspired her, which was the main subject of her research; because she has made a lot of effort to discover the aesthetic identity of the women of this noble tribe.

Leila completed her training in the field of visual communication at university. Iran’s ancient history and civilization is considered a notable and valuable source of inspiration for Leila to design, produce and create her elegant works of art.

In fact, she is constantly researching and studying. To create a project, it takes about 12-18 months, and she is considered the main person who crystallizes herself and her dreams in these brilliant weavings, because she is very aware of the high quality of materials, workmanship and products.

Today, the “LILI DCHI” brand is trying to unlock its hidden secrets by showing and presenting the mythical beauties that sleep in the history of people around the world.

Leila, who was born in the beautiful city of Shiraz in 1986, says, “I weave the story while creating. which represents a profound goal and mission for the brand “LILI DCHI” with endless art, wisdom and creativity from a social, human and personal point of view.

Joseph E. Golightly