Nece Gene makes circular denim with a high fashion design – Sourcing Journal


As the denim industry moves away from linear and unnecessary models to circular solutions, much of the focus has been on recycling materials into new textiles. But Indian brand Nece Gene takes a different approach to reusing surplus denim.

Nece Gene founder Neha Celly takes salvage material from Arvind Mills and turns it into couture creations. Denim cut waste is transformed into indigo or frayed “fur” to create accents on the clothes.

Expanding circular denim to categories beyond clothing, Nece Gene took strips of denim and turned them into bricks using bio epoxy. The hardened form of textiles, which Neha calls “DeBricks”, is then used to create products such as stool seats or necklace pendants. Denim scraps are also made into pulp to make paper for books.

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