Murude Katipoglu from Design Studio on indy, London area with a “Mediterranean vibe”

Murude Katipoglu in her studio just off Bermondsey Street (Helen Cathcart)

I always loved Bermondsey for its architecture and its history. It is secluded from the usual crowds with lovely independent shops and restaurants, which can be hard to find in the center London. Still, it’s so close to London Bridge station which is great for transport.

There is a great community and the neighborhood has everything we need on our doorstep.

The region feels like it could be somewhere in the Mediterranean. Most restaurants and cafes have outdoor seating where people enjoy a glass of wine or two during lunch.

Or you will find the locals relaxing in one of the Italian or French cafes with their book and a coffee.

My studio, just off Bermondsey Street, feels right at home. We spend long hours here, so it’s crucial for me that it’s comfortable, spacious and inspiring.

The building we are in is a former leather factory and you can still see the original wooden beams. We like to have traces of history.

I wanted to create a serene, warm and welcoming domestic-style space. It is refined, eclectic and refined.

We have a long table instead of desks where we all sit together and an open kitchen where you can smell the freshly brewed Monmouth coffee and the delicious pastries we have at Borough Market and Bermondsey Street.

Monmouth Coffee Company in Bermondsey (Alamy Stock Photo)

Monmouth Coffee Company in Bermondsey (Alamy Stock Photo)

Where to eat and drink in Bermondsey

Bermondsey has so many great places to eat, that’s one of the main reasons I like it here.

On Bermondsey Street, José Pizarro’s tapas restaurant Jose is one of my favorite places for lunch. There is a great atmosphere, it’s always busy and serves delicious food.

Snack is ideal for a romantic mid-week dinner and exceptional French cuisine. It’s very intimate with only five or six tables.

B Street Deli is one of our places for lunch. It offers beautiful, freshly prepared salads and platters of cheeses and cold meats. They also sell beautiful bouquets of flowers.

Dizzy grocer is ideal for good quality ingredients and products as well as for fresh bread and natural wine.

Gourmet counter and Eatalia have delicious fresh pastries and coffee. There is always a long line in front of both cafes but it’s worth the wait.

I sometimes meet friends at Bedales of the district wine bar for a glass of red or Flor to Borough Market for delicious food. Picnic at Tanner Park is a great place, especially for families with children, as it is inside the park and has lots of food to share. It’s perfect for long Sunday lunches.

Murude suggests popping into the White Cube gallery for some lunchtime design inspiration (Alamy Stock Photo)

Murude suggests popping into the White Cube gallery for some lunchtime design inspiration (Alamy Stock Photo)

Where i train

Tanner Street Park nearby has tennis courts. There is also a large Pilates studio on Bermondsey Street called Studio 74.

For a dose of culture

Enter in White cube gallery or Fashion and Textile Museum for a little inspiration for lunch.

Eames Fine Arts gallery on Bermondsey Street, which I pass every morning, usually has some great exhibits. I recently visited the Norman Ackroyd show.

We are very lucky to be next door neighbors with Norman Ackroyd. He has lived here for over 40 years and knows the area and the people very well, which is perfect for some insider tips.

To commune with nature

We are fortunate to have parks very close to where we live, which is great for picnics in the sun. Leather market gardens is pleasant for walks around the rose gardens. The neighborhood is very dog ​​friendly so you see a lot of dog dates in the park.

Grocery shopping

Head toward Neighborhood market. We go there often on Fridays and buy delicious cheeses, cold cuts, olives, bread and wine.

I also stop at Monmouth Cafe for fresh coffee beans and brownies. If you love brownies (who doesn’t ?!) find it Cinnamon bakery stall in the market. Her salty and vegan chocolate brownies are to die for.

There is also Spa terminals for foodies. Every Saturday morning, a community of traders, artisan food producers and wholesalers open their converted iron arch doors to the public to sell fresh food, meats and cheeses or craft beer.


I like to walk around the neighborhood because you never know what you’re going to see. I often change my route to see the different facets of the region.

London Bridge station is a seven minute walk from my building which is great for transport.

Dream street

Bermondsey Street, of course. The region has a rich history, famous for its tanneries and leatherwork.

In the 1970s, tanneries moved and antique dealers moved in, filling industrial spaces with antique furniture.

Something you only see in Bermondsey

Probably the many independent restaurants and small businesses. It feels like a suburb even though it is still in central London.

What’s the catch?

Premium price.

In three words

(Unpretentious) cool. Local. Varied.

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There are several primary schools in Bermondsey rated as Exceptional or Good, including Boucher Church of England Primary School, The Saint-Sauveur and Sainte-Marie Overie cathedral school and Alma Primary.

For secondary education, L’Arche Globe Academy and the City of London Academy are well rated.

What it costs to live in Bermondsey

Average flat rate: £ 652,153

Average price of a house: £ 910,962

Average apartment rental price: £ 2,182 per month

Average house rental price: £ 3,331 per month

Source: Rightmove

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