Mojo Design Studio – Passionate designers creating interior masterpieces

Each designer of Mojo Design Studio has a specific intent, theme and message in mind when creating their outstanding and unique projects. While the studio presents so many exceptional pieces, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards selected Concentric Circle by designer Ching Hsiang Peng as the 2022 winner of the best luxury apartment interior design in Taiwan.

Ching Hsiang Peng knew from the start what he had in mind for this particular design. He wanted the concentric circles to connect all the elements of the house and represent the family unit – the parts of a whole, working together as one. He said “the house is a permanent family refuge where the family is united as a whole”.

The whole design is based on the concept of concentric circles, and in this case, the designer uses the idea of ​​concentric circles to interpret spatial movement, aiming to connect family boundaries through design, through guiding of space, to increase more interaction and communication between family members.

This design and concept of concentric circles are used to connect all the spaces in a particular apartment, and the half-wall design and sliding glass doors are used to open up the vision of the space.

Mojo Design Studio - Passionate designers creating interior masterpieces

The living room with TV is placed in the center of the apartment to prevent sunlight from reflecting on the TV during the day while allowing natural light to enter through the office window. The designer wanted the living room to be the center of the circle, and the design of the space creates a family centripetal force. The semi-circle design on both sides of the TV wall symbolizes family hug and care.

Ching Hsiang Peng used penetrating materials to separate the public spaces on a single axis, to create a flexible space. He focused on what the residents would need and how they might want to use and interact with the space, which is why the living space is designed in an open style.

Mojo Design Studio - Passionate designers creating interior masterpieces

In order to meet the height difference concern between male and female owners in the kitchen, the talented designer specially designed the kitchen table and the work surface with different heights, and combined the dining table with the bar, so that that each member of the family can work together and interact in this space.

He said the biggest hurdles he faced during this design process were balancing the different style preferences and lifestyles of family members, coordinating the different elements of this space, and its transformation into an aesthetic domestic space. “By transforming layout, reinterpreting scale and spatial boundaries, using penetrating materials and lines to expand the visualization of space, and generating spatial centripetal force through design, family ties are united in this space.”

Mojo Design Studio - Passionate designers creating interior masterpieces

Another remarkable design created by Mojo Design Studio includes Libra by designer Angie C. Chang, in 2021, whose goal was to simplify the problem of space and preferences that couples face after having a baby. This was done by focusing on the design and layout of the space. Angie Chang says: “The project is both open and private, satisfying the needs for parent/child interaction and independent space, enhancing emotional interaction while maintaining everyone’s integrity and balancing the style of life and interest of childhood.”

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