Model Nafas Hussey on his struggles and advice for young girls

Over the years, the modeling industry has undergone immense changes and is nowhere near what it was five to ten years ago. This new version makes it easy for many people to continue their modeling career. The dimensions used to judge a model had expanded from what they were previously. It’s hard to make a name for yourself in this industry, but Nafas Hussey has done it with grace.

Initially, Nafas wanted to pursue a career in the arts. She loved painting and was considering a career in fine art due to her passion for abstract art. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in architecture and worked for several architectural firms in Iran. Although Nafas was born in Iran with Persian nationality, she moved to Sydney to study visual arts. She even made some artistic expeditions to Iran and Sydney. In a way, her love for art also drew her to modeling.

Nafas has 182,000 followers on Instagram. She receives hundreds of wishes, messages and comments every day. She says the love and positivity she receives from people overwhelms her sometimes. Although she is busy with her consecutive shoots, she makes a point of devoting time to her fans through her posts and stories. Nafas has worked hard to overcome all negative comments and feedback in order to achieve a respectable position in this industry. And she is happy with the result. She always stays away from sugary treats and trains every day to maintain her physique. She says her body is naturally curved and following a strict fitness program takes it to another level.

Nafas has a pleasant social media presence. She makes it a point of honor to encourage all young girls through her digital space. She believes that every girl is beautiful in her own way, regardless of her color, shape or size, and thinks she shouldn’t hesitate to do it. She says it’s important to prioritize your dreams and make the right sacrifices

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