Manipur-Based Design Studio Wins Prestigious ‘International Muse Design Award 2022’ for Mount Manipur Memorial

Huidrom Design Studios Manipur has been awarded the coveted “International Muse Design Award 2022” for the project – Mount Manipur Memorial under the architectural design competition.

This memorial dedicated exclusively to the freedom warriors covers an area of ​​more than 45,000 square feet.

It includes the back of the royal elephant with the museum, the monument of the royal sword, galleries, an open-air auditorium, a cafeteria and a beautiful garden.

Also, the sword monument is a tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for freedom. It incorporated a gallery dedicated to Maharaja Kula Chandra Dhaja Singh; along with 22 other Manipuris.

The design of this project is truly organic, which has attracted worldwide attention; thus contributing to the current contribution of the design studio to the field of architecture.

It should be noted that the memorial honors forgotten patriots. Mount Harriet is the third highest peak in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where Maharaja Kulachandra Dhaja Singh of Manipur and 22 other freedom fighters were imprisoned during the Anglo-Manipuri War (1891).

In order to eliminate British rule in India, a number of significant historical events constituted the Indian independence movement; which lasted from 1857 to 1947. India’s easternmost state, Manipur, saw its fair share of independence revolutions against the British.

According to an official statement released by design studio Huidrom, “1891 shows the greatest and bravest battle of soldiers and men in this easternmost part of India. On March 31, 1891, British India declared the war in Manipur. Expeditionary forces were sent from three sites, Kohima column, Silchar column and Tamu column. Many pitched battles were fought in the hills and valleys of Manipur. Many brave Manipuri gave their lives for the protection of their homeland Manipuris lost the war against the mighty British Empire Manipur war hero Yubraj Tikendrajit and General Thangal were publicly hanged in Imphal British believed they had crushed the movement of freedom by hanging them but that did not happen.After that Maharaja Kulachandra Dhaja Singh and 22 freedom fighters were sent to Kalapani and kept on mount Harriet. Today, in her memory, the Government of India honored her contribution by renaming Mount Harriet “Mount Manipur” (October 2021). »

Taking to Twitter, the concerned design studio wrote, “Huidrom Design Studios is once again delighted and honored to receive the prestigious International Muse Design Award 2022 (Season2) as a GOLD WINNER for the Mount Manipur Memorial Project ( Architectural Concept Design Competition). We are so blessed with the opportunity given to us by the government of Manipur. Our special thanks to the Honorable CM Manipur for his incredible vision and ideas and for believing in us. This project design is indeed an organic design that not only the whole world has recognized but also helps us to leave footprints in the field of architecture today.

Joseph E. Golightly