Lokithor x FRANCESCA LIBERATORE crossover fashion design released


This is a perfect opportunity to present the Lokithor JA product as it provided energy to those who worked hard at Fashion Week, correct like the famous italian designer Francesca Liberator designs and innovates in the fashion world. Liberatore graciously designed an advertising wall for Grepow’s new Lokithor JA301 Jump Starter in hopes of innovating the future of the accessibility space with Lokithor as the product will be “Switch on and start” a feeling of freshness in the automotive space and “bloating” the stagnant industry that has been trapped in its old technological ways of lead-acid and nickel batteries.

Lokithor hopes that the JA301 and Milan FW 2021 will (pun intended) pave the way for continuous improvement, innovation and good health during this pandemic.

International reference, the designer treasurer in Milan

The designer of this inter-professional cooperation is Francesca Liberator, born in Rome in 1982. She is currently one of the most popular and youngest designers of Milan. She has experience working at the headquarters of many large high end fashion companies around the world including Viktor & Rolf in Amsterdam, jean paul Gaultier in Paris, and Brioni Womenswear in Italy.

In September 2019, She participatesed at Milan Fashion Week for the first time out of the calendar, bringing to life a new catwalk concept, both in the Mysterious Baths pool at the Franco Parenti Theater and in Room 1 of the Space Cinema in Piazza Duomo.

About Lokithor

Lokithor founded in 2020, is a sub-brand of Grepow Ltd. Lokithor specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance jump starters, as well as a wide range of related products and accessories. It focuses on providing immediate and convenient solutions for all automotive emergencies. His high quality products can provide adequate and reliable service to those who are stuck in a delicate situation.

The “J” in “JA” stands for Jump Starter while the “A” stands for Air Inflator. Created by his designate, PL, the strong industrial design combines elegant elements intended to be inspired by the image of a car. Imagine the LED lights like the headlights and the console like the dashboard, and It is ready to take the JA301 enabled adventures.

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