Lakm Fashion Week Fashion Design Council of India will present a joint fashion week

Phygital Fashion Week will run from March 16-21, 2021 and will have a special “unit logo” designed to mark the occasion.

Combining the strengths of India’s fashion and beauty powerhouses – Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) jointly organized by Lakmé & RISE Worldwide and Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) will present a joint program this season at Lakmé Fashion Week. Phygital Fashion Week will take place from March 16-21, 2021. The event will have a special “unit logo” designed to mark the occasion.

Lakmé Fashion Week in partnership with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) will soon release the program featuring the best in curation and designers from Delhi, Mumbai and across India. FDCI and Lakmé Fashion Week will jointly present the opening show on March 16 and culminate with the Lakmé Absolute grand finale on March 21. The event will also feature the prestigious GenNext talent discovery program for designers as well as the promotion of modeling talent through FDCI’s #GetNototiced Model Hunt in addition to other innovations. The FDCI and LFW will also continue their buyer programs launched last season.

The Fashion Design Council of India is the resilient player in the fashion world with its forward-thinking initiatives, global partnerships and grounded perspective in creating sustainable opportunities for a conglomerate of over 400 designer members. Sunil Sethi, Chairman of FDCI, said, “The Fashion Design Council of India has worked tirelessly for decades to ensure that the design industry is at the forefront and leaves a global footprint. The pandemic has darkened the clouds, this will add a ray of hope to the fashion industry and help sharpen the needs of a rapidly changing world. Lakmé, RISE Worldwide and FDCI will now have a common purpose and membership as we both reinvent the wheel in uncertain times. We are delighted to present this fashion week together.

Lakmé is India’s leading brand of cosmetics and beauty services. It was also the first cosmetics brand in the country to introduce makeup to Indian women and has proudly been India’s beauty expert for over 50 years. Ashwath Swaminathan, Head of Innovations at Lakmé, said: “Our association with the Indian fashion industry is profound as Lakmé has been a key driver of its growth over the past 20 years. We look forward to this partnership opening new avenues of growth for all stakeholders. We continue to stay true to the Lakmé Fashion Week pillars of discoverability, sustainability and talkability as we bring the best of Indian fashion and beauty this season to a global audience.

RISE Worldwide is the largest independent sports, lifestyle and entertainment company in India, connecting over 150 million people through its various IP addresses. Jaspreet Chandok, Head – Lifestyle Businesses at RISE Worldwide said: “RISE Worldwide’s ultimate goal is the development of the ecosystems in which we operate and we believe this partnership will help elevate the fashion industry to new heights. We are pleased to partner with the FDCI and look forward to jointly presenting Lakmé Fashion Week this season as we rise as one.

Joseph E. Golightly