Jamaican-owned fashion design company wins awards at Milan Fashion Week


Jamaican-born fashion designer Carmicheal Byfield received an award from Mad Mood Milano Fashion Week on September 27, 2021. He announced the victory on Facebook, posting: Celebrate this award from Mad Mood Milano Fashion Week on September 27 2021 and anyone who traveled WITH the House Of Byfield team in Milan, Italy.

Mad Mood is a launching platform for designers, Italian and international, and provides a space in which traditional tailoring, research and cutting-edge fashion meet to create a global “melting pot” of art, fashion. , culture and identity of a territory. . Milan Fashion Week‘s Mad Mood show offered fashionistas the chance to experience the excellence and creativity of young designers, who represent independent and forward-thinking approaches to fashion. These designs shy away from ‘market logic global ”and are aimed at a niche clientele looking for a“ tailor-made ”product. A large part of the Mad Mood approach is to display the territorial identity and the adaptation secrets of various regional cultures worldwide.

Designer Carmichael Byfield was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1975 and emigrated to the Netherlands in 2008. In the Netherlands, he discovered a passion for creating men’s clothing that led him to date a fashion school in pursuit of its goals. He started freelance in 2011 while studying fashion and developed a style that has been described as “colorful and elegant” with “smart details and a sporty touch”. He uses light, flowing fabrics that he layers in asymmetrical shapes and frequently drapes his designs directly over the body. Her clothes are made in the Netherlands using top quality local materials, as well as those sourced from Belgium and Germany. Byfield works to present the Maison Byfield fashion collections twice a year.

Maison Byfield is recognized worldwide as one of the best ready-to-wear brands and a leader in quality and innovative design. It is also synonymous with luxury and glamor. Designer and founder Byfield expanded his ready-to-wear offering to include MIN, a broadcast evening wear line, in 2011. His approach to fashion also led him to introduce additional product categories, transforming essentially his design house into a luxury lifestyle brand.

Although he lives in the Netherlands and his company headquarters are in Rotterdam where the collections are made, Byfield says his inspiration always comes from the nature of Jamaica, the country where he was born.

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Joseph E. Golightly