Istanbul’s historic street bustling with design and art this week


When looking for information about Istanbul and its neighborhoods, the first place people definitely mention is BeyoÄŸlu. Today, Istanbul’s most vibrant district is once again in the spotlight with “Design at TomTom Street”.

TomTom Street, a promising creative hub with a rich history and expansive architecture that transports the past to the present, with everything from restaurants to art galleries and museums to design stores, brings design to the heart of Istanbul from October 19 to 22. with “Design at TomTom Street” under the theme “Watch Yourself”.

Organized twice a year, the third edition of the design festival will welcome 100 designers, 50 artists, 50 speakers and five designs from different places.

Organized at the initiative of the Executive Board of TomTom Design Management composed of Hakan Kodal, Bahar Korçan, Serra Arıkök and Ayşegül Temel, the event is organized under the auspices of the Municipality of Beyoğlu. Organized for the second time in May 2017 and visited by more than 20,000 visitors, the event will host three different activities on three different nights.

On the opening night there will be a private launch of ‘TomTom Designhood’, which will be full of art, design and music. Over the next few days of the event, private discussion sessions and meetings under the title “Designing Life and the Future” will be offered, with dance performances and various musical activities for visitors. Big names such as Levent Erden, Ömer Madra, Yelda Ä°pekli, Özlem Ä°kiışık Barutçu, Sare Palaska, Cem Talu, Hande Akın, Özlem Gürses, Åžah Yaycı, Ecmel Ayral, BaÅŸak Pelister and Günseli Kato will participate in various panels event. Thus. The works of more than 50 artists will be exhibited in the exhibition space, under the theme “Look at yourself”, as well as installations and art projects in important buildings and monuments of the TomTom district. The TomTom Red exhibition space, specially designed for the event and organized by Bahar Korçan, will host the works of artists including Ä°rfan Önürmen, Barış SarıbaÅŸ, ÇaÄŸla Mısırlı, Alev Gözonar, BuÄŸra Erol, Dicle Çiftçi, Alev Araslı, Sevil Dolmacı sanatılarç Art Cosultan Alea Pınar Du Pre, Elif Tutka, Yusuf Aygeç, Nurdan Likos, Art On Galery Sanatçılarından Olcay KuÅŸ, Erman ÖzbaÅŸaran, Ahmet Çerkez and Olgu Ãœlkenciler.

In addition, the “Deco Floor”, prepared for the first time earlier this year to host the exhibitions of the main decoration design brands from Turkey and around the world, will continue in the third edition of the event.

The collections of famous fashion designers including Arzu Kaptol, Mehtap Elaidi and Özgür Mansur, as well as the collections of young designers, will be exhibited in the TomTom Trend Area, created in collaboration with the Association of Fashion Designers and with the Bahar Korçan Selection .

TomTom Street is also set to host the best music in town. Live music and DJ performances will provide colorful hours for visitors throughout the event. In addition, a video and photo competition will be organized and the creator of the best videos and photos describing the theme “Watch Yourself” will win a return ticket to Milano Design Week.

On the closing night of the event, the “Design Awards” will be presented by the Registered Trademarks Association and the curtain will fall, until next year, with a concert called “Nardis Jazz Night”.

Representing Troy, the main sponsor of Design at TomTom Street, Interbank Card Center Managing Director Dr Soner Canko said they are proud to be a supporter of the Design at TomTom Street event and are working hard to show the importance of creative ideas, new looks and unique approaches. “As one of the very few events that opens up space for creative people, Design at TomTom Street shows us that creation and creation begins with ‘Watching Yourself’. “


Joseph E. Golightly