Idyllwild Arts is now accepting applications for fashion design programs

Fashion design students at Idyllwild Arts receive extensive pre-professional training from the basics of hand sewing to the heights of visionary design. This multidisciplinary field includes the study of textiles and fabrics, figure drawing, color theory and rendering, body movement, performance, and visual communication. Students create and assemble garments from scratch, mastering basic techniques and learning to represent their ideas in original patterns, designs and ultimately a thematic senior collection. Awareness of sustainability, material reuse and ecological awareness drive many of our group projects, excursions, masterclasses and individual designs. Learn more about:

Students are encouraged to apply by March 31, 2022. Examples of artwork should include:
• Creative personal artwork in any art form, although visual arts are preferred.
• Three to five design sketches.
• At least one original design, which can be an item of clothing you made or something you designed and someone else made for you. Examples could include streetwear and/or any design from you that has been on stage before: costumes, fashion, school mascot, something for an event, etc.

For specific questions regarding the Fashion Design Admissions process, please contact Will Yarbrough: [email protected]

Joseph E. Golightly