Get to know Joshua Vides’ design studio, from reality to idea


There is a tendency to think that complexity improves design, but sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that have the most impact. The work of Reality To Idea is proof of this. The signature monochrome style of the Los Angeles-based design studio simplifies an idea in its most minimal form, yet you can instantly recognize it from a mile away.

Reality To Idea was founded by graphic designer Joshua Vides, who rose to social media fame in 2017 when he shared a photo of an Air Force 1 he painted white and outlined with a sharpie. Since then, Vides’ work has appeared in all fashion circles and beyond. From high fashion interiors to sneakers to traffic cones, there are few items the artist hasn’t distilled into 3D sketches.

Overloaded with opportunities and with the vision to expand his reach beyond what he was just capable of, Vides put Reality To Idea in place. “I was bombarded with opportunities in 2018. I couldn’t handle everything on my own. I decided to find like-minded people who could handle the pressure and expectations that were asked of me, ”says Vides. Alongside Vides, Reality To Idea sits Aaron Rosenstock, Adam Gonzalez and Alex Platero, three industry veteran graphic designers, designers, and brand makers. “Most of our partnerships focus on energy, product and content. We have to do this every day here at the studio, so why not help those who need it?” He continues.

Reality To Idea’s latest collaboration is with iconic Brazilian flip flop brand, Havaianas. The idea behind the partnership was to blend Havaianas’ credibility in beach culture and tremendous global reach to bring a taste of California’s laid-back coastal vibes to the world. “We are delighted to finally see this Havaianas project come to fruition,” the team tells us as we visit them in their studio. “Covid caused a fair amount of speed bumps in the process and we are happy we were successful and cannot thank the Havaianas team enough for their gratitude and professionalism.”

Watch the full video above and head over to to shop the collaboration.


Joseph E. Golightly