General Motors expands design studio in China for advanced electric vehicle productions

General Motors revealed earlier this week that it has expanded its design studio in China. The American automaker will focus on developing electric cars as it will no longer design and produce gas-powered vehicles.

GM’s future target for its fleet

According to Reuters, General Motors has expanded its design studio in China as it prepares to stop production of diesel vehicles. The largest automaker in the United States aims to get rid of gasoline cars completely by 2035.

In addition, GM would like to gain a larger share of the electric vehicle market in China, which currently has the largest electric vehicle market in the world. The company also wants to expand its business from software to after-sales services for its electric cars.

Selling batteries for electric vehicles is also part of the company’s goal and, more importantly, by 2025, General Motors aims to achieve an annual sales target of more than one million units of electric vehicles. in the United States and China. To achieve its goal, GM is investing $ 35 million.

GM’s new studio in China

General Motor’s new advanced design studio is said to be one of three in the world. In this facility, the company will design electric vehicles for future generations. It was built by redesigning the existing studio located on the same site as its technology center in Shanghai.

Shanghai’s expanded Advanced Design Center has now doubled in size and has a workspace of 5,000 square meters. Currently, GM is also hiring a new design team and staff for the studio. He is looking to hire designers, digital modelers, virtual reality experts, physical modelers and support staff.

“Innovation allows us to adopt the best available solutions in a fast and agile manner. We believe that we now have the right strategy and the right technologies ”, GM Authority Julian Blissett, executive vice president of General Motor and chairman of GM China, quoted in a statement. “We also believe that with facilities such as GM China’s new advanced design center and its growing team of professionals, we have the right organizations and the right people to bring the most desirable products to Chinese consumers in the new era. electrification and connectivity, ”he added. .

Joseph E. Golightly