Gemini Introduces Superlunar, a Web3 Research and Design Studio

Superlunar explores the frontier of the frontier, while solving real problems in web3

NEW YORK, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of Superlunar, a Web3 research and design studio focused on secure, durable, and usable applications of decentralized technology. Superlunar, which means beyond the moonwill explore the frontier of the frontier, developing new solutions to real-world problems with the goal of advancing our industry and the global communities it supports.

“Dedicated innovation efforts like Superlunar allow us to see deep into the horizon,” said Beth KurtesonSuperlunar CEO. “It will position us to identify, create and respond to opportunities with the speed required in our fast-paced and ever-changing industry.”

Superlunar researchers share their knowledge and serve as interpretative voices in what is too often an opaque space, demystifying “crypto-speak” in order to connect with all who are curious, while simultaneously developing prototypes to solve problems. uniquely identified. In addition to discovering new applications ourselves, Superlunar has a dedicated fund that furthers our mission by providing grants and sponsorships to individuals, projects, and programs around the world. This allows us to enable the next generation of contributors, as well as provide financial support directly to open source developers to continue their contributions.

“If the promises of decentralization and web3 are to be fully realized, we must move beyond the cycles of speculative investment and hype,” said Rich SmithChief Technology Officer of Superlunar. “We’re looking for key problems that, when solved, will unleash the potential of creators in communities around the world to build all the things we could never have done alone.”

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About Superlunar
Superlunar is a web3 research and design studio focused on secure, durable, and usable applications of decentralized technology. Our team has expertise in cryptography, security, design and environmental science. We design, sponsor and build transparently to contribute open source knowledge within the web3 community. To log in, please contact [email protected].

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