Fuse TV Host The Next Generation in “Upcycled Nation” Fashion Design Contest

Fuse TV reinvents the competitive design series with its vision of fashion production. “Upcycle Nationis a contest series that features three designers, per episode, to participate in challenges where they are tasked with transforming previously “loved” items into new styles with unique aesthetics. Items like discarded denim jeans will be transformed into a functional new jacket or repurposing old Oreo bags into a new couture handbag, showcasing the talents of 24 designers from this generation and the future of fashion.

Hosted and Produced by an Emmy Award-Winner Karrueche Tranwho is an actress and model, as well as brought to life by a recycling designer Peder Choand scholar and fashion mogul Jerome LaMaar will guide applicants and judge each designer’s submissions or recycled t-shirts into bags and various garments into new garments. Upcycle Nation features budding “upcyclers” who are trained and untrained fashion designers from across the country, capable of transforming everyday items into cutting-edge streetwear. Their raw talent is encouraged to create beautiful fashion from the future out of clothes from someone’s past.

“Upcycling is the next wave. What’s great about upcycling is that this is very accessible to all and is ethical. I believe this show is going to change the conversation around what competition shows could become,” says LaMaar. “We should no longer produce clothes or goods without thinking about how it will affect our planet in the long term.”

Recycled fashion is on the rise, infiltrating streetwear and high-end fashion markets around the world. Recycled fashion finds its home in places like Portugal, where much of the fashion production takes place, highlighted by the show modtissimo. Product manager and sustainability strategist Max Attermeyer has devised plans to localize luxury production for his brand, New Optimist. Manifesting a regenerative and decentralized world, as a catalyst for fairer trade and minimizing the carbon footprint of fashion, upcycling is now a sport in which all can participate – with a greater awareness of what is upcycling.

Max Attermeyer says of New Optimist at Modtissimo “The future of fashion and textiles is circularSeptember 6 roundtable, where he sheds light on the production process and fashion designers, “[We], want to show a holistic path by combining local clothing brands and social activity that operates within our planetary boundaries. The key words are sustainable development and circularity. There is a feeling that makes upcycling a truly creative process compared to what a linear fashion designer would produce.

This show is a media example of that sentiment, which Tran notes, “I know a lot of fashion brands aim to move towards sustainability and I can’t wait for people to see how creative and inspiring the contestants were with so can work with!” Attermeyer asserts that “sustainability means [meeting] the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations. And circular means you don’t take more resources than you can regenerate at a time. Additionally, LeMaar pointed out, “Luxury has also tapped into upcycling, which is proof that we are heading towards a new phase in apparel that is long overdue. I think it’s okay to slow things down and think about the design process.

IMDbUpcycle Nation – Official Trailer | IMDb

Fuse has already released the official trailer and contestants for its upcoming Upcycle Nation contest series, which will premiere on Wednesday, November 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Executive Producer Karrueche Tran describes her experience hosting this season’s episodes, saying, “I really enjoyed being a part of this show with Jerome LaMaar and Peder Cho. Upcycle Nation is not only fun to watch, but also shows people how to be more innovative with their wardrobe.

Joseph E. Golightly