Dinner inside the Métier design studio

When organizing her first event in a long time, Métier founder Melissa Morris knew one thing: She didn’t want the meal to be served in a restaurant. So she called furniture designer Anna Karlin to ask if her gallery space on the Lower East Side was available (it was) and chef Woldy Kusina to whip up a vegan menu. And to help her co-host the dinner, actress Emily Mortimer got the job done.

“Emily was first a customer before she was a friend,” Morris admitted. After Mortimer retrieves the Perriand from Craft, she learned about the creator and soon, the two launched him.

Attendees at the atmospheric dinner included Jade Eshete (who wore a chic emerald green silk ensemble), JoAni Johnson (a vision in pearly white satin), Leandra Medine and artist Daniel Clurman. The first guests gathered for a cocktail Рaround them, the latest news from M̩tier was on display and it was hard not to ogle them. In addition to handcrafted leather goods for travel and everyday use, there were cute little things to make life more beautiful and functional. There is a chess set made with leather, ebony and olive wood and a productivity box where papers, technology and work-related paraphernalia can be stored in the most elegant way. .

Guests toasted Morris’s first trip to New York for some time before settling in to dinner parties. There was talk of open borders, an influx of tourists to Manhattan and vacation plans. Traveling was an idea in mind, and luckily, Métier has some great things to get you from A to B.

Joseph E. Golightly