Design studio Post Spectacular Office explains how its multidisciplinary practice flourished

Before starting any project, the team analyzes all the data provided, from which PSO develops a narrative. “It helps us build meaning for each project to be communicated. This meaning functions as a vital design compass that redirects us whenever we feel lost in the process. This in-depth approach allows the studio to do what it loves most, engaging in all types of projects and topics. Never setting limits on the ambition of the studio and taking an interest in all sorts of subjects, from architecture to Greek rural life, Greek modernists and the European avant-garde of the interwar period. and his radical gestures, the possibilities seem endless for PSO. An average day can range from managing the construction details of a stool, to determining the location of an ancient sculpture, to discussing the visual identity of a hotel project on the Greek coast.

This broad focus and specific interest in Greek culture has helped the studio considerably throughout another long-term project with the new Cyprus Museum. Running for three years, the project plays heavily on the studio’s love of exhibit design and graphic design. “Being part of the museology team and connecting with the history and representation of a culture is overwhelming.” But, representative of their ability to show scope and step away from their usual work is their project, APOLLO18. Together with photographer, architect and artist Tereza Kourra, the team developed a concept for their apparel and accessories design. Fictionalising the upcoming Apollo mission “No18”, the publication records the spacecraft’s journey as a travel diary and the communication process as a data chart. The final design, with its clean typography, harsh robotic lines, and blocky color scheme certainly emulates a modern (and very sleek) space mission. Always ‘discovering’ and discovering new creative avenues, the PSO team is sure to continue to throw themselves into every project they encounter with enthusiasm.

Joseph E. Golightly