Delhi-based design studio Dots & Doodles’ new Copa Cabana collection is all about style and comfort

Primarily known for its unique prints, personalized stationery and accessories, Delhi-based designer studio Dots & Doodles has taken a leap into the fashion space. And bringing its keen sense of style, color and design to the apparel scene, the brand recently unveiled its all-new Copa Cabin collection. The collection includes an exclusive range of beautifully designed coordinated sets, making it an ideal choice for your beach vacation or barbecue parties.

Featuring up to five different coordinating sets, inspired by 80s fashion, the bold and colorful patterns and prints capture a sense of playfulness, joy and adventure reminding us of sunny days and sandy beaches.

Whether you want to dress her up for Sunday brunch with the girls or dress her up for movie night with the family or to build your holiday wardrobe, this collection has different prints for every occasion. For instance, love bird is a feminine and seductive coord set, perfect to take on vacation, while Susani is a Persian-inspired creation with large prints, for brunches and lunches. For laid-back days and beach vacations, there’s Secret garden, with pretty spring flowers and a pretty border. The collection also counts Gatowith original pink leopard prints as well as Mayflowerwhich features soothing colors reminiscent of spring sunsets.

Susani whole collection
Secret garden whole collection

“The Copa Cabin marks our first step into fashion. So we wanted to start with something special, something that combines comfort and style. And the coordinating sets, given their versatility, were a perfect choice. We decided to keep prints bold yet feminine, to encapsulate the feeling of pure, unfettered joy one experiences on vacation. We want our customers to feel like they’re wearing a work of art — something that actually brings them joy, in addition to being stylish and comfortable,” says Krisha Seth, co-founder of Dots & Doodles. We also learn that each piece in the collection is made from 100% cotton, making it comfortable to wear at all times. “Besides wearing them as a set, you can also wear them separately, with your favorite pants or your favorite t-shirt, which makes these models completely versatile and chic,” adds Krisha.

Price on request. Available online.

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Joseph E. Golightly