Daraz gets a new Design Studio identity

KARACHI, Pakistan: London-based branding and digital creative agency – Design Studio is helping Daraz bring his big ideas to life with a brand new look.

South Asia’s leading e-commerce platform, spun off from a small fashion retailer, now boasts a monthly active user base of over 15 million.

The platform now has a unified sellers market and scale brands under one umbrella, exposing its consumers to a high volume of content.

Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer at Daraz, said: “¬¬¬¬Over the years, we have seen how the e-commerce landscape has evolved in our markets. By introducing new technology to improve our services, we have established a strong bond between our consumers of all ages. In order to cater to a wider user base, we wanted to give our brand a new identity. We have partnered with a world famous design agency – Design Studio which has changed the identity of many international brands like Deliveroo, Air BnB, Alipay, British Airways and many more. We are proud of what Design Studio has accomplished and look forward to elevating our communities while staying true to our iconic story and consumer relevance.

Design Studio – a renowned international branding and digital creative agency – helps Daraz really bring its new purpose to its audience. Thus, the e-Commerce channel unveils a new platform, identity and brand strategy created by Design Studio. Having previously served major brands such as Airbnb, OLX, Panasonic, Deliveroo and Tencent Games, Design Studio has immense experience in visualizing brand architecture.

In line with this transformation, Daraz’s new look is more contemporary, young and dynamic. Therefore, he hopes to help change the perception of the brand from a simple online marketplace to one that provides a comprehensive, three-dimensional customer and seller experience.

Additionally, Design Studio gave voice to Daraz’s mission to uplift communities through the power of commerce.

To achieve this, the creative agency undertook extensive user research to better understand the needs of customers and sellers and put forward a brand identity that resonates with their expectations.

Eventually, as companies evolve over the years, their message to the public changes accordingly. Therefore, it is important that the brand aesthetic continuously evolves to embody the brand’s dynamic core values ​​and goals. Ultimately, consumers resonate with the brand and only become loyal to it when the brand identity is expressed through beautiful and relevant design.

In turn, design principles help companies build an emotional relationship with their customers when used effectively.

Likewise, instilling a modified set of shapes and colors gives businesses a creative direction when they need to rebrand. For example, when a company’s values ​​and goals change, design teams embody that transformation using their creative flair.

As a result, the e-commerce giant is consistently enabling digitization, helping SMEs and content creators get established, and encouraging financial inclusion.

Joseph E. Golightly