College of Design Art Club Sponsors Sale of Various Student Ceramic Works | Academics

The image shows students looking at the ceramic works available for CODAC sale.

Students at the Iowa State College of Design are hosting a sale for many of the projects they have created throughout the semester. The College of Design Art Club (CODAC) is sponsoring the sale, allowing students to dump the semester’s designs and line their pockets before winter break.

The sale started on Wednesday morning and continues throughout the preparation week until Friday afternoon. The sale takes place from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the foyer of the College of Design just in front of the main entrance.

On sale, many ceramic dishes and objects are available for purchase. Decorative baskets, mugs, ashtrays and even tall vases were all available for sale on Wednesday, along with a table set with embroidered cushions and other artistically patterned decorations or knickknacks. Prices range from $ 5 to $ 150, depending on the size and quality of the item at hand.

“We have a sale at the end of each semester usually to get rid of everything we make in the intermediate and advanced ceramics courses, and we do that through the college art and design club,” said the CODAC treasurer and senior in integrated. studio arts, Clara Mikovec.


Close-up of some ceramic works available at the CODAC Sale.

The proceeds from the sale mainly go to the students behind the designs, giving the students a sense of satisfaction with their designs. Part of the proceeds from the sale is donated to CODAC, in order to finance the club’s activities throughout the semester. While not all designs are likely to sell, students still benefit from practicing their design and craft skills.

“A lot of them are experiments,” Mikovec said. “So with these I saw how different laces reacted with different layering effects and stuff like that. But it’s good to make a mug that I can test the glazes on and then even though it’s ugly, it’s still a mug.

Crafts and ceramic works are created throughout the semester as teaching mechanisms. By putting into practice what they have learned, students hone their skills and prepare to use them in the real world. Teachers also sometimes create something as an example for students to follow. These creations are also presented for sale, with all profits going directly to the club sponsoring the event.

“What I did last semester was I made 40 mugs for a project and some of them were super ugly,” Mikovec said. “So I kind of threw them in the trash, but I ended up selling a lot of them, so it’s nice to be able to get rid of some of the things I make. I know there are a lot of design students who are like “okay, what am I doing with this now?” “”


Close-up of some ceramic works available at the CODAC Sale.

Students who work hard to create quality products during the semester have a chance to earn a decent amount of money. For students working on their own skills through projects like these, capitalizing on the projects is very satisfying.

“It’s really good,” Mikovec said. “It’s a great way to get some extra cash at the end of the semester, especially since I’m traveling to see my family and stuff like that. It’s a nice little income.

Joseph E. Golightly