Citroën’s Alexandre Revert and Stellantis Design Studio unveil a new logo to make the automaker’s electric vehicles more accessible, reinterpreting the original emblem adopted by founder André Citroën

Hoofddorp, Netherlands

“Looking to the future, it made sense for us to come full circle by graphically returning to André Citroën’s first logo which represented the true promise of affordable and innovative mobility for all,” says Alexandre Revert, Global Brand Designer of Citroen.

“The gradual shift to a more prominent and visible brand signature for our future designs is a significant yet subtle evolution, where the precision of technical and functional chevrons is embraced and contrasted with the warmth and almost human softness of the oval that surrounds them. surrounded. ”

Alexandre Revert and his team at Citroën, in collaboration with Stellantis Design Studio, have unveiled a new corporate brand identity and logo, marking the start of a bold, exciting and dynamic new era for the then 103-year-old marque. that it accelerates electric mobility and extends its core DNA for accessibility, audacity and customer well-being.

The new look reinterprets the original logo first adopted by founder André Citroën, inspired by the success of his first metallurgical company producing herringbone gear systems.

The familiar “two chevrons” have remained central to Citroën’s identity ever since.

New Citroën logo by Alexandre Revert

The new emblem marks the transition and evolution of the brand and will make its debut at the end of September on a significant Citroën concept.

The new logo will then gradually appear on future production vehicles and Citroën concepts from mid-2023.

Complementing the new logo, a new corporate brand identity program and brand tagline – “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën” – which will begin to be used in corporate and product communications and activities. .

The new identity drew inspiration from more intimate non-automotive brands, including cosmetics and apparel, to convey a warmer brand expression that is pleasing to the eye when experienced in different contexts.

Particular care has been taken in the design so that the digital experience meets the expectations of new customers in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics – in particular by offering a “dark mode” option – fully meeting the needs and requirements of the sale. on line.

New Citroën logo by Alexandre Revert

In addition, a new animation language is being developed to integrate the new identity into all digital touchpoints, both inside the vehicle via the HMI screens and outside in the My Citroën application, offering customers an enriched and consistent Citroën experience.

The new identity will also extend beyond the digital environment and use of the new logo on and in vehicles to encompass all elements of the company’s corporate identity, merchandising and documentation to dealerships and corporate building signage.

The comfortable and familiar “La Maison Citroën” commercial interior concept will also continue to be improved.

A fresh, streamlined color palette and new lettering taken from current Citroën fonts will complement the logo and further reinforce the brand’s new identity.

Inspired by an important legacy color for Citroën that has been used on iconic cars throughout the company’s history, including the 2CV and DS, Monte Carlo Blue will soon make a welcome return to the car portfolio. , as well as brand identity palette details for corporate and retail applications.

This will be joined by a more energetic and distinctive infrared, replacing the red currently used to add balance and dynamic contrast in physical, print and digital applications.

“As we begin probably the most exciting chapter in our illustrious 103-year history, the time has come for Citroën to adopt a new modern and contemporary look,” said Vincent Cobée, CEO of Citroën.

“Our new identity is an elegant symbol of progress as we transport our customers physically in bold, forward-looking vehicles that defy traditional industry rules, and emotionally by ensuring that their entire experience – especially going electric – be more affordable, comfortable and enjoyable no matter what their wants and needs.”

“Our heritage of inspiring consumers with bold, groundbreaking vehicles inspires us to take a different and more inclusive approach to future family mobility, and we firmly believe that past, present and future customers will agree that nothing moves us more than Citroen.”

Project: New Citroën Logo
Designers: Citroën and Stellantis Design Studio
Main designer: Alexandre Revert
Customer: Automobiles Citroën SA

Joseph E. Golightly