Champion of the brilliance of Filipino design: Kultura and its Filipino design studio

Sustainability can take many shapes and sizes. What matters is intent, execution and commitment – ​​and that’s true whether it’s going carbon neutral, being socially responsible or advocating good governance.

With SM Green Finds, SM Retail helps consumers make sustainability a conscious and accessible choice. One avenue was to support suppliers and identify their products, which are either environmentally friendly, made with natural materials, and/or support local communities and artisans. To pursue this lofty goal, Kultura established its first Filipino design studio.

BEAT accessories from Kat Ong

Open until September 30 inside Kultura at the Podium, the Filipino design studio can best be described as a showcase of the best that Filipino artisans and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can offer in terms of products and merchandise from world class. Carefully curated, it’s Kultura that turns into more than a Philippiniana souvenir shop; and into a Lifestyle brand eager to champion Filipino ingenuity in design and manufacturing.

Diverse and spanning a wide range of retail products, the overall impression one gets with Kultura’s Filipino design studio is that there really is so much to learn and discover about Filipino ingenuity in the product portfolios. While many pop-ups championing these artisanal crafts happen during the weekends of the -ber months, Filipino design studio Kultura is the one that will be running the whole month of September; and you can be assured that the enduring products and collections that garner strong consumer traction will find their way onto regular store shelves.

Jim Weaver – colorful silk scarves that highlight Filipino pop culture and traditions.

Ken Samudio’s stunning line of accessories inspired by our colorful marine life and using recycled materials can be found at Kultura Filipino Design Studio. And there’s Kara de Juan’s trendy bags and jewelry made from ethically sourced carabao horns, as well as Virtucio’s recycled grocery bags and plastic in its bag and accessory designs.

Matthew and Melka’s totes have floral accents and check out their beaded slip-ons. Rhett Eala has his current fashion collection, while JIM Weaver has colorful silk scarves that showcase Filipino pop culture and traditions. There’s Kat Ong’s Flutter accessories that have been featured in fashion magazines overseas and Millie Monday’s Filipino-inspired placemats and plates.

Shepard by Jewelle Y. Mugglestone offers premium, distinctively packaged recyclable aluminum self-care kits that use botanical ingredients. The Cuasay sisters are behind Maison Grid, where Home & Living products are taken to a new standard.

Supporting weaving and artisan communities in different regions, we have Strong Mina, Our Little Ideas and La Bon Vie. Strong Mina supports handloom operators from Abra, while products from Our Little Ideas are from Bicol, and La Bon Vie features weavers from Ilocano.

As SM Retail’s Vice President for Corporate Communications, Cathy S. Ileto, noted, “Through our marketplace, SM Retail and its brands like Kultura offer Filipino artisans and indigenous communities the opportunity to earn their life and, more importantly, to make it sustainable. We are a platform for MSMEs and social enterprises to grow and grow. »

Joseph E. Golightly