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Calculate a repurchase of credit: calculator of monthly payments

When you fill up your shopping basket, an early calculation of the total price of future purchases will allow you to reduce or reduce certain needs and, above all, to adapt them to your budget. The principle of the repurchase of credit is the same.
It allows to :

  • Anticipate the monthly payments to control its budget and possibly revise some ambitions downward.
  • Play the competition (and thus save money) based on this standard calculation of debt ratio.
  • Save time by going through a simple and simple calculation instead of multiplying the simulations online or going to the site to make quotes.

The repurchase of credit is an important step. This is a new financial commitment that will follow you for many years. Calculating your debt ratio upstream can prevent unpleasant surprises and find the most suitable solutions.


What is a debt ratio?

What is a debt ratio?

The calculation of a credit surrender allows the borrower to obtain an average debt ratio, ie a percentage that helps him to see the monthly amount of the redemption on his budget. Organizations proposing debt consolidation can deliver them only if the borrower’s debt ratio does not exceed 42% of its revenues (recurring charges deducted). It is simply a capacity of Willy Butter.

These different agencies charge fixed rates (APRs) that are rarely below 6%. Attention, some periods are more favorable to the repurchase of credit and interesting but punctual opportunities can flourish.


The online calculator to save valuable time

The online calculator to save valuable time

No need to spend hours consolidating documents to calculate credit redemption! The online calculator Billy is the ideal tool to give you a precise idea of ​​your debt ratio and the amount of your future monthly payments.

It could not be easier ! All you need to do is integrate some information, including the current monthly payments of the credits to be grouped together, your income, your expenses (in particular your rent if you are a tenant) as well as the duration and the amount of the desired cash flow.

In less than two minutes, you visualize the possibilities open to you in a completely personalized way. Anticipating the savings you can make before you start is also a way to save money.

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