Banko Design acquires interior design studio in California

MARIETTA, Georgia., September 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bank design is pleased to announce the acquisition of Warner Design Associates (WDA), a senior-focused commercial interior design company located in San Mateo, California. The studio will be called Warner Design Associates – A comic book studio.

Over the past 30 years, Cynthia and Mark Warner, the founders of WDA, have created a thriving and successful interior design and procurement company in the senior living industry focused on providing clients with excellent design and service. Seeking to pass the baton, WDA asked Banko Design to become the owner of the company. Banko Design’s respected reputation in the senior living industry and family-oriented culture is a perfect fit for the WDA team.

Banko Design, a full-service interior design company located in Marietta, Georgia, will continue to specialize in mid-level to luxury new construction for seniors, multi-family housing and boutique hotels and will be the headquarters of all studios in the A BD Studio collection.

Red pen supply, Banko Design’s purchasing agency, manages and processes all studio purchasing, warehousing and facilities and has expanded to include purchases on behalf of other design studios, architectural firms and owners.

As a result of this new growth, all studios will have access to multiple teams of designers and sourcing agents to meet the needs of their clients. The group’s growth has also significantly increased the supplier base and purchasing power of Red Pen Procurement, allowing Red Pen Procurement to pass the savings on to all BD studios and its customers.

Banko Design is very pleased to have this family of studios providing excellent boutique service and design to clients in senior care, multi-family and boutique spaces across United States and Canada.

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