Ant Graphics is a design studio with the strength and diligence of its six-legged namesake

Finding the perfect studio name is no small feat. Not only do you want it to stand the test of time, but you also want it to represent your work, your philosophy, your style, and your results. Think of it as a large umbrella that houses and keeps all the different elements of a designer’s practice dry from the rain. Designer Eunji Kim used this important title to liken their studio to the industrious attitude of an ant.

Ant Graphics is Eunji’s Seoul-based studio, home to a slew of different art and culture projects, each expertly crafted from color palettes to illustrations and microscopic details. Much like the way an ant gathers its food and works in colonies and formations, Eunji’s graphic design is diligent, fun, and refreshing. From posters to exhibit design, every project that comes out of Ant Graphics is both eye-catching and informative – from glyphs to curvy shapes and typographic placement. It’s all there for a reason, one of which is to grab the audience in a split second to grab their attention.

“Most of the time, I develop ideas from the title of the project,” Eunji explains, citing it as the most common among exhibition titles or book names. Never straying too far from the topic, Eunji will begin the design process, making sure to condense the information and wrap it up into a thoughtful identity, poster or brand image. “Once the key idea has come up, I tend to focus on what type and color of key would work best.” Great importance is given to typography throughout Eunji’s practice, especially since it is seen as a tool that “enables the connection” between design and subject matter. And when paired with the right colors, the magic really happens – aided by the nifty software Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Joseph E. Golightly