Ali overcomes COVID-19 to open AZA Design Studio in Garden City

It was a proud moment for local fashion buyer Zulfikar Ali as his outlet, AZA Design Studio, began operations in Garden City in Raiwai from today after overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic. of COVID-19.

Ali described the pandemic as a blessing in disguise for him on a personal level, which enabled him to start his own business while unemployed.

He says it all started with a dinner party when a family friend cheered him on and offered him financial support.

4 other people are employed at the point of sale.

Ali says they plan to expand into more product lines in the future and if there is more demand, they will add more people to their team.

Ali says he started the business from home 4 months ago and it has started very well, but some customers have reported that it is difficult for them to contact them due to the location.

His interest in the industry dates back over 19 years when he was a fashion buyer for Tappoo’s.

Ali says he was a salesperson before he got into buying and that helped him understand the market and customer demands.

He made his first collection in 2012 where he sourced fabrics from India which were shown at Fiji Fashion Week and it was an instant hit.

Joseph E. Golightly