A young French design studio creates doodads to repair ordinary objects

Something we’ve seen a lot of: new industrial designers desperate to leave their mark, designing another soap dish, a key ring, a titanium pen, a fidget spinner, etc. By contrast, Paris-based Studio Extrude, launched by a quartet of young designers, uses their skills to create things that people need. Namely, they design 3D printed parts to fix commonly broken objects.

Marie, Anton, Emilie and Mano

Have you lost or broken the little plastic thing at the end of your blinds cord? Is the bracket that holds your bike’s mudguard starting to fade? Do you have a tripod made by Manfrotto, which suffers from that manufacturer’s breakage-prone leg clamp? The little kickstand on the back of your Nintendo Switch broke? Studio Extrude sells spare parts for these items for just a few dollars.

“We repair your items to extend their lifespan,” the group writes. And they’re open to suggestions: if there’s something you need from a part that they haven’t covered, “send us a picture of the broken part and we’ll send you a price estimate” .

Finally, they do not take lightly the birth certificate of new objects, even if they are spare parts. “We believe that bringing products to the world can have less negative impact on the environment than current practice. That’s why we use recycled PLA, produced by European reel manufacturers, and print everything ourselves in Paris region. As recycling is not a perfect solution, we always try to print as little material as possible and recycle other objects.”

Check out Studio Extrude here.

Joseph E. Golightly