A New York design studio recycles waste in beauty

Slash Objects, an award-winning design studio based in New York, recycles materials to create quality, sustainable products and furniture. Some of their items include coasters, placemats, and mirrors.

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“Our work is rooted in a fascination with materials and how they are put together,” the designers said of their work.

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Featured in Elle Décor, Cultured, Dwell and Vogue, Slash Objects triumphs over aesthetics with an ecological mission.

Various trinket holders including a small tray inside a larger tray, a standing mirror and a box with a gold design on the edge.  They are designed by Slash Objects which recycles waste in beauty.

Founder, designer and architect Arielle Assouline-Lichten wanted design to transform the way humans experience the world. Assouline-Lichten works with multidisciplinary design firm Slash Projects to create her beautiful art objects. She hopes to reframe our understanding of the resources available to us through tactile stories. Therefore, creating a sense of intrigue in our material world.

A laptop mat with a white keyboard on it, a mirror in the corner and a mouse on a gray mouse pad

Now she’s everywhere, from FastCompany, Metropolis and The New York Times to HBO Max. Assouline-Lichten aims to change the way we think about the objects we use every day and uses recycled materials for this reason.

An orange trinket tray consisting of two sections, an open box and a mirror

“We believe in a future of beautiful products made from sustainable materials that consider the well-being of the environment,” Slash Objects said. “We believe design can change the world through the choices we make.”

A blue play mat with a light blue elephant structure on it and the legs of a person wearing white shoes hanging above the mat

Plus, caring for the environment means starting with avoiding waste in the first place with sustainable design that diverts waste from landfills.

Three circular mirrors sitting in a cube stand diagonally to each other

As a result, the piece collection is designed in New York and handcrafted from recycled tires and similar materials to turn our trash into beauty. Not only are they durable, but the pieces of Slash Objects are touchable, durable, and usable.

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Images via Slash objects

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