5 tips to pass this entrance examination in fashion design

With the postponement of the 2021 NIFT Situation Test, students now have more time to prepare for the final phase of the Design Entrance Exam. Check out quick tips for passing the NIFT 2021 Situation Test.

NEW DELHI: The National Institute of Fashion Technology has postponed the NIFT 2021 situation test for BDes candidates due to the current situation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. The institute has not yet announced the revised date of the test. NIFT 2021 situation.

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The exam was scheduled to take place April 10-13. In addition, the Examination Unit will soon announce the new date for uploading the NIFT Situation Test Admission Card to the official website – nift.ac.in.

The official notice dated April 6 read: “Given the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation test for UG (Design) scheduled for April 10, April 11, 12 and April 13, 2021, has been postponed. The new dates for the Situation Test / Download the Admission Card for the Situation Test will be notified on the NIFT website. Aspirants are urged to continue to visit the NIFT website at regular intervals. ‘

NIFT 2021 Situation Test – Important Dates


Revised 2021 NIFT Exam Dates

NIFT situation test exam date 2021

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Students can use this valuable time to prepare for the final phase of the NIFT Entrance Exam. The NIFT Situation Test is a two-hour exam where candidates will be assessed based on their material handling skills and creative abilities in a given situation with a given set of materials.

Here are some quick tips to prepare for the NIFT 2021 Situation Test.

  • Boost your observation and visualization skills. Observe all the basic things detailed around you and get innovative ideas.

  • Use all types of crafting materials while practicing at home. Familiarize yourself with all kinds of materials on how to cut and tie them.

  • Use thermocol, glossy paper, cardboard, kite papers, fabric, colored clay, aluminum foil, solar bag, foam, straw pipe, cotton, rubber sheet, gift wrapping sheet, etc. during model making.

  • Don’t overthink one model. Prepare a timeline for each model.

  • Go through questions from previous years of the NIFT Situation Test.

During the NIFT Situation Test, candidates will be closely monitored and examined on how they can manage time while working on their 3D model. Besides time management skills, students will also be checked on how efficiently they can turn the concept into a 3D design from paper.

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