The combats that raised more money in the history of boxing

Image result for money in boxingThe combats that raised more money in the history of boxing


When thinking of a legendary boxing bout, everybody comes to mind the famous Rumble in the Jungle who staged Ali and Foreman. However, the October 1974 fight in Kinshasa (former Zaire) is not among the fifteen that generated the most income in history. Ali, who was an aspirant, and Foreman obtained a similar bag of about five million dollars.

There is a boxer who has won more than his rivals, Floyd Mayweather. According to Forbes magazine, is the world’s sportsman who earns more money with 105 million dollars a year. At 38 he is unbeaten in his professional career with a record of 47-0 and aims to retire with an immaculate 49-0 in September.

For something they call it ‘Money’ Mayweather. For fighting this Saturday in Las Vegas, the fight of the century, will be embolasará between 150 and 180 million dollars. His rival, Pacquiao, between 100 and 120 million.


Boxer Fight and video Rival Stock (dollars)
Mayweather (USA) Welter 2015 Pacquiao (Philippines) 150-180 million
Pacquiao (Philippines Welter 2015 Mayweather (USA) 100-120 million
Mayweather (USA) Superwelter 2013 Saul Alvarez (Mexico) 45.5 million
Oscar de la Hoya (USA) Superwelter 2007 Mayweather (USA) 40 million
Evander Holyfield (USA) Heavy 1997 Mike Tyson (USA) 35 millions
Mike Tyson (USA) Heavy 1997 Evander Holyfield (USA) 35 millions
Mayweather (USA) Welter 2014 Marcos Maidana (Argentina 32 million
Mayweather (USA) Welter 2013 Roberto Guerrero (USA) 32 million
Mayweather (USA) Welter 2012 Miguel Cotto (USA) 32 million
Mike Tyson (USA) Heavy 2002 Lennox Lewis (United Kingdom) 30 million
Lennox Lewis (United Kingdom) Heavy 2002 Mike Tyson (USA) 30 million
Mike Tyson (USA) Heavy 1996 Frank Bruno (USA) 28 million
Pacquiao (Philippines) Welter 2012 Timothy Bradley (USA) 26 million
Pacquiao (Philippines) Welter 2012 JM Márquez (Mexico) 22 million
Vladimir Klitschko (Ukraine) Heavy 2013 Alexander Pvetkin (Russia) 17,25 million