Nobody has more money than you can imagine

“Nobody has more money than you can imagine”

Image result for money tappingTrainer of trainers in NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis and energy psychology, is a lover of tapping, a technique that was born in the United States in 1980 by Dr. Roger Callahan and that is based on the idea that behind any social, work, hardship, sexual, emotional, phobic … there is an imbalance that can disappear in a few hours. He is so convinced that on July 7 he has rented the Palau d’Esports de Badalona to make a mass, and almost free, call for a tapping course focused on money and work. He has treated politicians like Montilla, to elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and has trained thousands of people.

Any problem that a person has, whether health, economic or relationship, part of an energy imbalance.

And with a few taps the issue is solved?
It touches with its fingers certain points of the energy meridians of traditional Chinese medicine. With tapping we normalize the energy flow associated with that imbalance, and the problem is solved.

It seems too simple.
Tell me a problem

There is no work for so many people.
Three American universities spent five years studying the lives of the 34,987 people who touched the lotus in Florida, and discovered that people returned to the same economic level they had before the lottery touched them in about two years.

What is your explanation?
Each one has an energetic mental level regarding the money that is determined by the limiting beliefs, the learning and the secondary gains … As long as you do not change that energy level, it does not matter what luck you have, because you will always reach your economic level again. Nobody has more money than you can imagine.

That seems very logical.
If you have the limiting belief that rich people are despicable or unhappy, your unconscious will say: “Careful, do you want to be unhappy?”, And you will take your money off. Tapping manages to eliminate that limiting belief and for money or work to flow.

How does it work with emotional problems?
It was tested with Vietnam veterans with post-traumatic stress with excellent results and without any medication.

How are those beliefs changed?
Tapping part of the apparent problem, and the person’s mind is directing us to the root of the problem. Memories are coming, what we call threads.

Give me an example.
Let’s suppose that you were walking with your grandmother when you were little, you meet an illustrious couple and your grandmother comments: “How wonderful! A woman without a man next to her is nobody”. You do not give importance, but that comment enters your unconscious.

And years later …
Before being alone she will be with any imbecile, because in her subconscious it is written that a woman without a man next to her is incomplete; In your growing mind that will be inscribed or whatever you are told.

It is not about traumatic moments.
No, they are things that do not make sense, but that are installed in our belief base and manage our lives. The way we behave in any area of ​​our life is governed by patterns that we have acquired in childhood. Tapping goes to that moment and changes them, making them useful patterns.

And how do you know which ones are useless?
If you have difficulties in a certain area of ​​your life, it means that you are not using the right patterns. If, for example, people who smoke ask why they smoke, they say: “I like it, it relaxes me”.

That is your pattern with respect to tobacco.
Exact. If you ask him about the experience with his first cigarette, the thing changes: “It tastes bad, it makes me dizzy, I do not like it”. But once you’ve smoked a few cigarettes, since you insist, the brain decides to change the experience and turn the bad experience into a good one. What does the tapping do ?

Let the tobacco know again to snuff, smell snuff and dizzy, it’s that simple. It is very easy to stop smoking.

What have you understood throughout your career?
That there are two states, can be right or wrong. If you get well, the rest of the things do not matter; tackling a problem while being well is not the same as tackling it while being wrong, and the result has nothing to do with it.

The changes are action.
Totally agree, you have to put yourself in the doing, but I do not need to get on the plane with a person and say “do not worry, I’m by your side” to take away the phobia of flying: I change that pattern, and climb alone and Enjoy the flight, because your perception has changed.

It has been proposed to do a massive act of tapping against the crisis.
Yes, because the only way I know of getting out of the crisis is for each one to come out of his personal crisis: the one who does not have work, who finds it; the one that does not sell, that sells.

It is a fish that bites its tail: if there is no money, no matter how great you are, no one hires you.
That is what the whole world is arguing about, reality, because everyone believes that reality creates thought, but as soon as we start to change our thinking, reality changes. In this crisis there are many people making money, do not forget it.

I see him very convinced.
I do it on a small scale with groups of one hundred people and it works. I’ve been giving courses to all kinds of people for 17 years, from politicians to businessmen. My idea for this call is to teach tapping focused on money and work, which is the germ of a change. It is not an experiment, there are thousands of documented cases of people who have changed their lives with tapping .