How to use your creativity to earn extra money

Image result for saving moneyThere are people who have many skills that they have learned throughout their lives, in addition to the school education they received.

If you are one of those people, surely you have been told that you are a little box because you know how to do many things: painting, taking pictures, cooking, playing an instrument, speaking a foreign language or any other skill or technique.

If so, have you ever wondered how you can get the most out of these skills? And if you do not have them, do not worry, you can acquire some of them and also be profitable in the short term.

The point is to take advantage of your creativity and earn that little extra money that you need so much in your pocket. So if your idea is to learn something new that will help you earn more, here we leave you these 8 activities to exploit your creativity and win more!

Give classes in general

Your experience in various artistic and sports branches can serve as an incentive to make a profit while teaching classes that you know how to do.

But it is not just about entering the teaching in person: you can create a channel on an online video platform and upload videos or tutorials. In addition, you can complement it with other content that you can create to make your teaching method more comprehensive.

The joke here is that when you have all your didactic content created, you can share it on the net and charge some amount for that knowledge. And in person, you can schedule personalized classes or groups and levels.

Offers various types of advice

People look for a lot of information in a videotutorial format to do different things. These resources help people do for themselves something that would take them much more money and time to learn.

Therefore, if you are a creative person with skills such as mathematics, marketing, some therapy or coaching that can help other people, then you can sell your services through the internet or in person.

The advantages of your service is that it can be very personalized and you can also save time for people who request your help.

Write for companies

If you are passionate about writing and have a good method of writing and research skills, you can sell your services in marketing agencies as a copywriter or copywriter. Creative work can also be done remotely.

You can write about various topics. If you have experience in niche content such as cars, beauty, lifestyle or finance, your profitability may be higher.

To begin, you can see what your specialties are and create a blog that will help you as a cover letter to show your work online. In this way you will gain good job opportunities, in case you have not published anything before.

Manage social networks

Image result for social network moneyIf you live on social networks like Facebook or Twitter and you have tools to manage fan pages or accounts for brands, then you can sell your work as a community manager.

Your responsibility will be to create timely and quality content for various social networking channels, monitor the interaction of the brand with audiences and develop a strategy to develop campaigns that impact your audience, thus increasing the number of followers and traffic .

Give music lessons

If you’ve spent your whole life playing a musical instrument and have that skill well developed, maybe it’s time to share all that knowledge and increase your income through private classes, at home, at home and by groups or individually.

What you need to become a music teacher is to have that passion and patience to teach your future students the whole process involved in music, understand the scores and techniques.

You can create a work rhythm for each student and make it reach the short and long term objectives. You can teach your musical knowledge in schools, churches and community art centers. You can also advertise to teach classes at home.

The joke is to achieve that connection with your students so that learning becomes an activity that both enjoy and can even recommend little by little.

Be a tour guide

This is a very interesting part-time job because it will allow you to meet many people and tell them interesting stories they will never forget. You can be a tour guide for a museum or for food and drink routes in your city.

And if your thing is to know the historical part of the streets of your locality and you have facility to tell people those details that make a building or a place special, this work may be the ideal one for you.

Remember that this job requires skills to talk with people, so much openness and ease of speech.

Fix the flaws of other houses

This work is very useful: if you have knowledge of plumbing, masonry or you know perfectly how to waterproof houses, the type of materials that are needed, or you know painting techniques for real estate , take advantage!

There are many people or companies that are looking for an emergency to do work of this type in their facilities. It is always useful to meet someone who knows how to fix these details and never is it.

Usually, this type of services and attention are not found in social networks and the internet, so you have a great opportunity to promote yourself through these means and publicize the work and the positive qualification of your satisfied customers.

Sell ‚Äč‚Äčthings you no longer use

When you already have many things in your house that you no longer use, they probably end up in the trash, but

Do not really have a chance to be used again?

It may be that blouse in good condition that you do not have left or the discs that no longer fit in your house. All these things can be a great help to sell and not end up in the trash.

Think that you can get the most out of all those objects that you no longer use or that you only used a couple of times and that someone, somewhere, is looking for a fair price.

Organize a garage sale to sell all your items.

Which of these activities would get your attention? Do you have any other skill that you can take advantage of? We all have qualities that can help us get that extra income we need.

Know your skills or learn a new one that will help you get that creative you have inside. Remember that creativity is not limited only to the artistic, in any activity is always valuable the person who has the power of creativity.

Stimulate your mind and never stop learning, because this has great benefits for your health and your pocket.